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Fat Around the Middle All Products

Fat Around the Middle Supplement Programme

Provides a link to a selection of Vitamins Minerals and Herbs recommended by Dr Glenville as the most appropriate for your needs at this time. Includes a three-month supplement plan.

Amino Support ' Lose your belly'

'Lose Your Belly' Amino Support is a special blend of 8 specific amino acids scientifically proven to help reduce fat from around your waist.

For best results use with 'Lose your Belly' Nutri Support as part of the 'Lose your Belly' programme as featured in the 'Fat around the Middle' book by Dr Marilyn Glenville.

As well as taking a specific mixture of vitamins and minerals as contained in ‘Lose your Belly’ Nutri Support,it is helpful to have a good combination of amino acids.

Certain amino acids can help to burn off fat, control appetite, balance blood sugar and help your body cope with stress.

All the important...

Nutri Support ' Lose your belly'

'Lose Your Belly' Nutri Support is a special multivitamin and mineral that contains all the most important nutrients scientifically proven to help reduce fat from around your waist.

For best results use with 'Lose your Belly' Amino Support as part of the 'Lose your Belly' supplement programme featured in the Fat around the Middle book by Dr Marilyn Glenville.

As well as taking a special blend of 9 specific amino acids as contained in the ‘Lose your Belly’ Amino Support, it is helpful to have a good combination of special multivitamin and mineral...

Health Detective

The Online Health Test that's designed to help you feel better naturally

In just a few minutes you could know what vitamin and mineral deficiencies may be causing your symptoms and have a tailor-made supplement programme designed specifically for you. Aiding you in regaining your peak levels of energy and bringing you back into good health.

With the help of Dr. Marilyn Glenville PhD, one of the world's leading nutritionists, we've developed the health detective® Online Health Assessment test, which will guide you through the 3 steps to good health:
  1. Help to Identify the cause of your symptoms

  2. Tell you how to Treat the cause

  3. Advise you on how to Prevent these from happening again...

Fat Around The Middle

Are you apple shaped?

If you are one of the many women who are 'apple shaped' or Fat Around the Middle then help is at hand. This ground-breaking book reveals – for the very first time – the secret of why fat builds up around your middle and gives you a practical action plan showing how you can get rid of that bulge once and for all.

Inside you will discover...

The Nutritional Health Handbook for Women

The book for every woman who cares about her health

At last, the ultimate reference book for women of all ages. The Nutritional Health Handbook for Women tells you everything you need to know about the most effective ways to treat all aspects of your health naturally. Top nutritionist and women's health expert Dr Marilyn Glenville believes that many female health problems are caused by incorrect nutrition and can be dramatically improved through simple changes to your diet and lifestyle. Based on 20 years of clinical experience and research, her approach is proven, highly successful and non-invasive. Inside you will discover...

Fat Around the Middle E-book

"If you're apple- rather than pear-shaped, with a tendency to gather fat around your waist, you'll know how difficult it is to keep slim. What you may not know is how dangerous the fat around your middle really is (more so than fat on your thighs or bottom), increasing your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and certain cancers.

"Because of where the fat sits on your body, normal diets, even rigorous exercise regimes rarely work. However I have devised a simple lifestyle plan that does...

Weight Control (Loss / Gain) E-Book

"Although both men and women can have weight problems, I have included this e-book because it is an issue that affects so many women. Most women I see mention their weight in relation to their overall health, and on the basis of that concern, I have addressed the main issues that affect women.


"Women form the majority of people dieting, joining a slimming club, trying the next ‘quick-fix’ solution to weight problems and they are the main purchasers of low...

Mineral Deficiency Test by Post

"Find out what the mineral and heavy toxic metal levels are in your body"

By analysing your hair it is now possible for you to find out what deficiencies and excesses of minerals and heavy toxic metals are present in your body and have a personalised supplement programme designed specifically to help rectify these imbalances...

Genetic Detoxification Profile Test by Post

"As the old saying goes 'one man's meat is another man's poison."

We know that some people do really well on a low carbohydrate diet others on higher amount of carbohydrates. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what is the best diet and way of eating for us as an individual?

There are now genetic tests available which can tell you, based on your own individual genetic make-up, the foods you'd be better off avoiding, the foods you'd do well to eat more of, and the supplements that are especially useful for you...

Meal Comparison

Would you like to know where you are going wrong with what you are eating now? Many people think they are eating healthily, they are not always overeating and yet they can’t shift that weight around the middle of the body. You could have a qualified nutritionist look at what you are eating and drinking over five days and then just as shown in the book, have those three days analysed so that you then know what you should be eating. This is easily done by completely the food diary online and emailing it back, filling in what you have eaten and drunk over the last three days, including what time you get up and go to bed, and then we will send you back the three days showing you what simple things you can change that make an enormous difference. The difference will not only...


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