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Top > Osteoporosis All Products > New Natural Alternatives To HRT
New Natural Alternatives To HRT

What readers of Natural Alternatives to HRT say:

  • "All hot flushes have gone... I would like to thank you very much for your extremely informative book." Mrs L, London
  • "I have started to read the book and find it fascinating, it's absolutely brilliant!" Mrs B, Cornwall
  • "Delighted with the book - it has changed my life, thank you." Ms K, County Durham
  • "This book is a must. Highly recommended." Your Family
In the light of new discoveries, The NEW Natural Alternative to HRT reveals what the latest studies really show about HRT and its side effects - and not just what the drug companies want you to know. Written by one of the UK's leading nutritionists, Dr Marilyn Glenville, this book provides the most up-to-date, practical advice. Here you will discover how you can get rid of your menopausal symptoms naturally and prevent osteoporosis.

Packed with new information, you will find everything you need to know about:

  • How to eliminate night sweats, hot flushes, vaginal dryness, weight gain, mood swings, headaches, aching joints, as well as improve your sex drive … without drugs or HRT.
  • Which tests, supplements, herbs and diet will help you through the menopause.
  • How natural is Natural Progesterone – is it safe? Does it increase the risk of breast cancer?
  • Phytoestrogen supplements (soya and red clover) – are they effective and are they safe? (The answers may shock you).
  • Mammograms - are they safe? Should you have one? What are the risks?


"Natural Alternative to HRT was published in 1997 and quickly became an international bestseller.

Women told me it was the most easy-to-read and practical book on the menopause they had found. The book’s reception revealed the enormous interest in the natural approach that exists worldwide.

It proved that women desperately wanted to know what choices were available to them, so that they could make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.

"In 2001, Kyle, my publisher, asked if I would update the book, since it was so popular and still in great demand. I agreed, thinking it would only take a few weeks to do. In fact it has taken nearly a year to sift through all the current research.

I have uncovered some startling issues hidden in the medical literature, which I feel all women everywhere, should be made more aware of. For example: Can phytoestrogen supplements (soya and red clover) increase the risk of breast cancer?

Are new 'designer' HRTs safe?

Does HRT increase the risk of DVT on flights?

Do mammograms cause more deaths than they save?

In the original Natural Alternatives to HRT I put forward my opinion that HRT could increase a woman's risk of heart disease and breast cancer. This has been borne out by the news that large-scale trials using HRT have had to be stopped because the risks have proved too great.

It is now acknowledged that not only does HRT increase the risk of breast cancer but also, contrary to the advice given at the time, it cannot prevent heart disease or strokes..."


Author’s Acknowledgements – ii
Foreword – iv
Introduction – v
Chapter 1 – What is the Menopause? 8
Chapter 2 – What are the Symptoms of the Menopause? 16
Chapter 3 – What is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)? 21
Chapter 4 – ‘Natural Progesterone’ 40
Chapter 5 – Your Diet at the Menopause 46
Chapter 6 – What Not to Eat at the Menopause 63
Chapter 7 – New Thinking About Osteoporosis 79
Chapter 8 – Natural Alternative to HRT 108
Chapter 9 – Your Breasts at the Menopause 149
Chapter 10 – Your Heart at the Menopause 167
Chapter 11 – How to Control your Weight and your Moods 177
Chapter 12 – The Benefits of Exercise and Sex at the Menopause 191
Chapter 13 – Health Tests at the Menopause 209
The Future – 217
References – 219
Index – 228
Staying in Touch – 232

PRICE: £10.99  
New Natural Alternatives To HRT Reviews
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