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Are You In Pain – Is Inflammation Ruling Your Life

Are You In Pain – Is Inflammation Ruling Your Life

Inflammation can give you many different symptoms including chronic pain, soreness, redness, swelling and heat and long-term inflammation can also make you feel tired, depressed, anxious and leave you vulnerable to persistent infections.

You may wonder why you would ever want your body to produce inflammation, but it is important at the appropriate time.

For example, when your body is under attack from bacteria or you have cut yourself, you need your body to react quickly and create heat, pain, soreness, redness even, to make the blood clot faster as it mobilises your immune system to either attack the bacteria or start healing the cut. 

This is a positive example of ‘inflammation’. All well and good.

What you don’t want is chronic, persistent inflammation going on in your body, as that can lead to not only visible signs such as joint pains, arthritis, swollen gums, fibromyalgia, weight gain and colitis, but also serious illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis and cancer. 

Unchecked, inflammation can become a constant fire raging in your body - often for decades. It destroys your cells and tissues. Over time, it can become a chronic condition. The effects are subtle at first, and can show in many different ways.

It is now thought that inflammation may be the underlying cause that drives many of the most feared illnesses of middle and old age.

Fortunately, with a few key shifts, you can get the fires of inflammation under control and experience a renewed sense of health and well-being. 

In this new ground-breaking webinar, Dr. Marilyn Glenville PhD gives you practical day to day tips and explains in simple, clear language exactly what inflammation is, how it gets out of balance, and what you can do to get it back under control – naturally. 

In this webinar recording, you will discover:

  • Special top dietary guidelines for reducing inflammation quickly
  • The best anti-inflammatory diet
  • The hidden connection between stress and inflammation and why this is critical
  • Nature’s most powerful herbs for reducing pain and inflammation
  • How you can get your gut bacteria to control inflammation for you
  • How to test for inflammation so you can take the right steps for YOUR health
  • A surprising nutrient that works wonders for pain
  • The secret of “timing of your food” and why this is so important for managing inflammation
  • The link between painkillers and leaky gut pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about
  • How inflammation can lead to dozens of degenerative diseases 
  • Simple, natural ways to reduce inflammation quickly

Get the recording now and catch up on all the advice given during the webinar. This webinar is for anyone who wants to thrive, not just survive, in today’s fast and ever-changing world so access the recording of the webinar now.

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