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Breast Health – How To Protect Yourself Naturally Webinar Replay


Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD was delighted to run this webinar as a fundraiser for, and in conjunction with the amazing charity, Walk the Walk, uniting against breast cancer. This is a great way to learn how to keep your breasts as healthy as possible, naturally.

50% of all webinar recording sale proceeds will be directly donated to Walk the Walk to help them continue with their inspiring work granting funds to support women and men living with breast and other cancers.

Your days may start like any other day. Only what happens if, while drying off from your shower, you notice a strange change in your breast.

A lump. Or a discolouration. A painful tenderness.

The anxiety kicks in: “Could it be… breast cancer?”

There are over 55,000 new cases of breast cancer each year. It is the single most common form of cancer in the UK. Yet it is suggested that over 27% of breast cancers could be prevented.

While fear is real, the danger to you can be reduced with the right nutritional support.

It is important to know what you can do to keep your breasts as healthy as possible.

Watch Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD in this webinar recording and find out the up-to-date research on the risk factors for breast cancer that could help you!

Here’s a quick glimpse into what the webinar covered:

  • The counter-intuitive reason why fat in one specific body area dramatically increases your risk of breast cancer, and what you can do about it
  • Are phytoestrogens safe? Get the truth about phytoestrogenic foods like soya
  • The one naturally occurring substance you may be consuming that can cause painful and lumpy breasts (fibrocystic breasts)
  • The one food group that you absolutely must eat to help keep your breasts healthy and reduce your risk of cancer
  • Considering hormone replacement therapy? Understand the critical difference between body-identical, bio-identical, or the other options, why it matters and what you need to know
  • What about dairy foods and the risk of breast cancer?
  • How to avoid the toxic effects of synthetic oestrogens polluting your environment, how you recognise them and what you can to avoid them
  • Discover the most important vitamins, minerals and herbs for healthy breasts and preventing breast cancer
  • Mammograms, thermography or ultrasound? Everything you should know about breast scans - the benefits, risks, and how to choose the right one for you
  • How having good levels of beneficial gut bacteria can reduce your risk of breast cancer and how to know what your levels are
  • Essential Nutritional Tests that can help you reduce your risk of breast cancer

Whether you …

Have a family history risk of breast cancer and want to work on prevention…

Have already experienced breast cancer and want to work on preventing a recurrence…

Or just want to make sure you never experience your own “shower incident”...

This webinar recording is a must watch for you.

Dr. Marilyn Glenville shows you practical, effective steps you can take today to keep your breasts as healthy as possible.

This webinar is for anyone who wants to thrive, not just survive, in today’s fast and ever-changing world so access the recording of the webinar now.

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