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Healthy Ageing – It’s Time To Slow Down The Clock


Watch this webinar and discover how to maintain a youthful glowing complexion, and feel healthy, vibrant, and strong both mentally and physically.

Do you dread the thought of getting older? Are you worried about developing aches and pains? Do you worry about worsening health?

Maybe you're concerned about your memory, worried about staying mobile or perhaps you're wondering how to keep wrinkles at bay.

Watch Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD in this healthy ageing webinar recording, where she shared her strategy to boost your energy levels and encourage cell regeneration. This isn't just about helping you look youthful; it's about feeling good too.

We all want to have a long lifespan and have a good quantity of years, but health span is even more important and you want those quality of years too.

We used to talk about lifespan, but really what you are after is health span.  Modern medicine has increased life expectancy, but this has not necessarily come with an increased quality of life.  Lifespan is the total of number of years you live. But health span is how many of those years you live where you remain healthy and free from disease. You are aiming to have as many years as healthy as possible.

This webinar recording will show you the importance of nutrition for looking and feeling good, both physically and mentally.  Find out what to eat that can help you to look and feel as young as possible for as long as possible. Dr Glenville will let you into the secrets of improving your diet to get beautiful and the important nutrients for skin regeneration.

This webinar recording will give you information and practical tips to help you slow down the ageing process including:

  • Discover tips on improving your hair, skin and nails
  • What to avoid that ages you quicker both inside and out
  • How to slow down both physical and mental ageing
  • How fasting can slow down ageing and the best way to do this
  • Important nutrients to slow down the clock
  • How to reduce age-related memory loss
  • How to reduce aches and pains and how to keep you mobile
  • How telomeres, the protective bits of DNA at the ends of your chromosomes, are connected to ageing and what you can do to protect them?
  • The importance of sleep to slow down ageing
  • How to control stress that may be making you age faster both inside and out
  • Exercise to help you physically and mentally
  • What tests are useful to help flag up issues that may be making you age faster from the inside

Do you feel like you are losing your sparkle as you age?

If so, watch Dr Marilyn Glenville on this healthy ageing webinar recording and learn how to nourish yourself from within to maintain your glow.

This isn't just about how you look it's about how you feel. You want to enjoy energy, vitality and great brain health. Dr Glenville shares her practical plan for food, nutrient and lifestyle that will delay, and in some cases reverse signs of ageing.

Watch Dr Marilyn Glenville in this webinar recording to get practical tips to help you look and feel good not matter what age you are.

This webinar is for anyone who wants to thrive, not just survive, in today’s fast and ever-changing world so access the recording of the webinar now.

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