Bone Health Programme + Vit D 0519

Bone Health Programme + Vit D 0519

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Save 15% on Bone Health Programme AND receive a F.R.E.E. Vitamin D

Offer £93.77 (RRP £110.88) plus f.r.e.e vitamin D3 worth £12.77

Our Bone Health Programme has been formulated by leading nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD to provide key nutrients to promote strong, healthy bones.

Whether you are at risk of osteoporosis or you are just trying to future-proof your bone health this programme will give you what you need.

It contains:

  • OsteoSupport. This supplement includes only the highest quality and most important nutrients scientifically known to help maintain good bone health including carefully balanced amounts of magnesium, calcium, vitamin D3, boron and digestive enzymes to help absorption.
  • MenoSupport. This is our own formula multivitamin and mineral designed specifically for your life stage, it contains all the most important vitamins and minerals for bone health and also good levels of antioxidants, B vitamins and digestive enzymes for maximum absorption.
  • Omega 3 Support. Omega 3 fatty acids can improve calcium absorption and also lubricate every cell in your body. We only offer the finest, purest high strength fish oil.
  • Vitamin C Support. This is not only a powerful antioxidant, but is also one of the most important vitamins essential for optimum health and the efficient functioning of many different bodily systems. Vitamin C helps in the manufacture of collagen which makes up 90% of your bone matrix.
  • Vitamin D3 Support. This liquid vitamin D3 comes in a pleasant tasting blackcurrant flavoured liquid (which is suitable for vegans) that is easily absorbed by your body. Vitamin D is essential for a wide range of functions that contribute to health; from hormones to bone health.


Supplementing makes it easy for you to maintain good levels of the vitamin all year round.

Offer ends 29th May.

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