Advanced Vitamin D3 Support

Advanced Vitamin D3 Support

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New higher intake with even tastier natural blackcurrant

All year round support

The UK’s leading nutritionist and women’s health expert Dr. Marilyn Glenville PhD has improved Vitamin D3 Nutrition Support in association with The Natural Health Practice.

The new formula is even more delicious, with tastier natural blackcurrant. It is an easy to take, family friendly vitamin D3 liquid with a dropper. Vitamin D3 contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle, as well as normal function of the immune system.

Vitamin D3 Support is an easy way for all the family to stay safe from the sun’s rays and maintain good levels of Vitamin D all year round.

This new formulation of Vitamin D3 Support is ideal for the whole family as it delivers the government recommendation of 400ius per day per dropper for children in 5 drops and 2,400iu for adults in two half-full droppers.

As it is in a liquid form with the delicious taste of blackcurrants, it is easy for all the family for all the family to take.

Vitamin D3 in liquid form is ideal because it can be dropped under the tongue and instead of having to go through the digestive system, can be absorbed easily and efficiently into the tiny blood vessels under the tongue.

It is important to take vitamin D as D3 and not D2 as research has shown that D3 is 87% more effective in raising and maintaining vitamin D levels than D2.

NHP’s Vitamin D3 Support is also extra special in that is it fine for both vegetarians and vegans as the vitamin D3 is from Lichen and not sheep’s lanolin.

NHP’s Vitamin D3 Support is in a base of olive oil and also contains the antioxidant vitamin E in its biologically active natural form as d-alpha tocopherol (not the synthetic form of dl-alpha-tocopherol).

NHP’s Vitamin D3 Support is free from preservatives such as potassium sorbate or any sweeteners.

Registered with the Vegan and Vegetarian Societies. Kosher approved. Halal certified.


Recommended Daily Intake:

For Best Results: Children's Intake - 400ius (5 drops) Adult Intake - 2,400ius (2 half-full droppers) Drop the Vitamin D liquid directly under the tongue or into the mouth

Suitable For:

Registered with the Vegan and Vegetarian Societies. Kosher approved. Halal certified.

Free From:

Free From Gluten, Soya, Yeast, Dairy, Artificial Flavours, Colours and Preservatives

We asked Dr Glenville for any tips on what you can do to help keep your Vitamin D levels up:

We need exposure to sunlight within a specific UVB spectrum for the production of vitamin D through our skin.

You are most at risk you do not go out much in the daytime, do not expose your skin to the sunlight and constantly wear make-up or cosmetics with in-built sun protection factors which you may not realise are in the beauty products.

The tone of your skin affects vitamin D production, so the darker your skin the less vitamin D production and covering up large areas of skin for religious reasons will also reduce vitamin D production.

Natural food sources of vitamin D are few. Oily fish and eggs are a good source. 100g of grilled salmon contains 284ius of vitamin D and a 100g of tinned pilchards contains 560ius of vitamin D, the yolk of one egg contains about 20ius o

There is some concern that many people today are not getting much vitamin D from their diet especially those who are eating junk food and not eating any or very little oily fish or eggs.

Scientists are noting a rise in the disease rickets in children who are not eating enough vitamin D rich foods and spending little time outdoors. They are more often sitting in front of the television or computer screens.

We get most of our vitamin D through sunlight so it is not easy to get all the vitamin D we need just from the food we eat and we can become deficient in the winter in the UK, that’s why it’ important to supplement with a good quality Vitamin D3.


Each 20 drops will provide:

Active IngredientsQuantity %EC NRV

Vegan Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) (2, 400 IU) from Lichen in a base of Olive Oil



Natural Blackcurrant Flavour

D-alpha-Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E) Oil


Quality Assured

This product has been awarded Dr Glenville's Exclusive Seal of Approval.

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