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Adrenal Stress Profile Test by Post

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"Find out if stress is causing your health problems?"

Do you find it difficult to get up in the mornings? Have your periods stopped or become irregular? Are you constantly under pressure and/or in a state of stress? A wide range of physical and emotional disorders have been linked to stress which can relate to adrenal hormone imbalances.

Are you stressed?

Quick test:

Ask yourself:

  • Do you often feel weak and tired, for no apparent reason?
  • Are you under chronic stress?
  • Do you have trouble getting a night of restful sleep?
  • Do you have low sex drive?
  • Are you exposed to high noise levels?
  • Are you feeling anxious or depressed?
  • Do you have menstrual difficulties?
  • Are you suffering from joint pain?
  • Do you have an eating disorder?
  • Have you recently gained or lost weight?
  • Do you suffer from ulcers or irritable bowel syndrome?
  • Do you have trouble with concentration, memory, or learning?
  • Do you suffer from hypertension?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from an over or under-reactive stress response by your adrenal hormones.

There are two small glands attached to the top of your kidneys, called adrenal glands. They are essential for life. When you feel physical or psychological stress, these glands release natural chemicals such as adrenaline, DHEA, and cortisol (called adrenal hormones) directly into your bloodstream.

Adrenals have one of the highest blood flow rates of any tissue in the body so the hormones they produce can trigger reactions in all parts of your body. One major adrenal hormone is cortisol a powerful anti-inflammatory. Cortisol levels rise dramatically with stress, prolonging your body's "fight or flight" response. If your body is producing too much or too little cortisol, you may feel some of the following symptoms.

  • Weakness and Fatigue
    Cortisol imbalances can throw off the body's blood sugar metabolism, making you feel weak, tired, and run-down. Too much cortisol can also interfere with sleep patterns and produce a "wakeful," unrelaxing sleep state. So you may feel worn-out even after a full night's sleep.
  • Muscle and Joint Pain
    Excess cortisol in the bloodstream accelerates the breakdown of body tissue and prevents proper tissue repair, leading to muscle and joint injuries and chronic pain.
  • Obesity
    Cortisol imbalances can stimulate fat deposits in various parts of the body, resulting in weight gains in the trunk, chest, neck, and face.
  • Poor Skin

    High levels of cortisol can reduce the skin's ability to regenerate, resulting in an unhealthy skin appearance.

    Over time, cortisol imbalances can take a heavy toll on your health, wearing down your immune system, triggering premature ageing, and setting the stage for chronic illness. Anxiety, depression, heart disease, AIDS and osteoporosis have all been linked with elevated cortisol levels.

Another hormone produced by your adrenal glands, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) actually works to balance many of the effects of cortisol on your body, helping it cope with stress. In research studies, DHEA has been shown to improve memory function, boost energy levels, and reduce fat production. Most importantly, DHEA appears to protect the immune system from some of the cell damage caused by ageing and disease.

If these two hormones become chronically "out of sync," it can tax the body's immune system, making a person less able to cope with stress and more susceptible to a wide range of illnesses.

Now there's an easy way to find out whether these imbalances are affecting how you feel by taking a Stress Profile Test.

This simple safe and non-invasive test can determine your DHEA and cortisol levels using four saliva samples which you can easily collect at home or at work. Balance is the key in assessing the overall effect of adrenal hormones in your body. After analysing your results you will be sent a report showing how your adrenal glands are functioning and if there are any imbalances that need to be corrected.

So if you would like to find out if your adrenal hormones are out of balance and what your stress levels are like, then you should send for this test now.

Samples should be returned to the laboratory by Next Day Delivery, Monday- Thursday only. Samples received outside of the suggested postage dates may be discarded and the patient asked to repeat the test.

Please Note: This test is only available by post in the UK. Please allow 5-6 weeks to receive your results.

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