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Omega 3 Support

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High Strength Fish Oil

Why Take Omega 3 Support? Omega 3 Support is an ultra-pure wild deep sea fish oil made from small fish. It contains high levels of both EPA and DHA and an antioxidant in the form of natural mixed tocopherols to protect the oil from going rancid and also peppermint oil to stop the fishy aftertaste that you often get from fish oils.

You cannot manufacture omega 3 essential fats in your body, that is why they need to come in through your diet or taken in supplement form.  Omega 3 essential fats ‘oil’ your body by lubricating the joints and skin, as well as being a vital component of every human cell. Your body needs them to balance hormones, insulate nerve cells, keep the skin and arteries supple and to keep your body warm.

Our Western diet is usually high in omega 6 fats and many people are deficient in omega 3.  Having too much omega 6 and not enough omega 3 can create inflammation in your body.

What’s Special About Omega 3 Support?  It contains high strength omega 3 fish oil which is important for your general health. 

The fish oil in NHP’s Omega 3 Support is from the body of the fish rather than from the liver as in cod liver oil capsules.  Fish absorb toxins, chemicals and heavy metals and oil taken from the liver – the organ of detoxification – is likely to have higher quantities of these.

Cod liver oil will also contain high levels of vitamin A which is not recommended during pregnancy.  Omega 3 Support can be taken during pregnancy. 

The fish oil in Omega 3 Support is from wild fish, not farmed.

Omega 3 Support is contained in vegan capsules (not bovine gelatin) and is free from any excipients such as binders and fillers.

It is free from everything except the good stuff and only uses 100% active ingredients.

Two capsules a day gives you one month’s supply with high levels of EPA (700mg) and DHA (510mg).  

What Certification Does Omega 3 Support Have? It is made in the UK and is certified Kosher and Halal approved.  NHP’s Omega 3 Support also carries the Friends Of The Sea Logo. 

Friends Of The Sea is a project of the World Sustainability Organisation for the certification and promotion of seafood from sustainable fisheries and sustainable aquaculture.  It is the only certification scheme which certifies wild and seafood.

Premium Quality Assured. NHP is totally committed to producing only the highest quality supplements you can take. Each ingredient is quality tested before the manufacturing process begins, the supplement is manufactured, batch tested and certified in the UK.  Omega 3 Support does not contain GMO ingredients and is free from allergens such as gluten, lactose, soya, nuts and nut traces.

Why NHP? NHP is recognised and trusted as the UK’s leading Premium Quality Supplement company providing thousands of customers across the world and used in the Glenville Nutrition Clinics for nearly 30 years.

All of NHP’s Premium Quality Supplements have been formulated in association with Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in natural health and are produced in the UK to the highest quality control standards.

Your body needs good levels of omega 3 essential fatty acids as research has shown they can help with joint aches and low mood, while protecting your heart and brain health.

Omega 3 Support contains ultra-pure wild deep-sea fish, rich in omega 3 fatty acids, with high levels of EPA and DHA.

This high-quality supplement contains:

  • EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) – research has shown that EPA and DHA are important for your cognitive function (memory and learning), mood, eye health, immune response, heart and joint health.
  • Peppermint oil – to stop the fishy aftertaste, you can get from taking fish oil supplements
  • Antioxidant, natural mixed tocopherols – to stop the fish oil from going rancid

Omega 3 Support only contains the active nutrients and herbs listed above, nothing else.

Omega 3 Support is free from any excipients, non-active ingredients, e.g. anti-caking agent, fillers, bulking agents, disintegrants or lubricants. Excipients can include magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, talc, calcium hydrogen phosphate dehydrate and stearic acid.

Omega 3 Support is free from gluten, yeast and dairy products and contained in glass bottles for easy recycling.

All in just two capsules a day to help provide support for your joints, heart and brain health.

Recommended Daily Intake:

2 capsules daily, for best results take 1 capsule twice a day with food

Suitable For:

Kosher approved. Halal Certified.

Free From:

Free from gluten, soya, yeast and dairy

Contraindications and Warnings:

Contains fish.

Not recommended for haemophiliacs.

Not suitable for individuals taking anti-blood clotting drugs such as Warfarin.

2 capsules will provide:

Active IngredientsQuantity %EC NRV

Fish Oil


Providing Omega 3 Fatty Acids 1400mg of which





Peppermint Oil

Antioxidant: Natural Mixed Tocopherols

Vegetarian Capsules

Quality Assured

This product has been awarded Dr Glenville's Exclusive Seal of Approval.

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