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Natural Solutions to PCOS

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Proven Solutions to Beat PCOS and Enjoy a Symptom-Free Life, Naturally

If you are suffering from the symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, such as excess hair, acne, weight gain and irregular or no periods, then this book is for you. Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD has helped thousands of women overcome PCOS and now you too can benefit from her unique, nutritional programme.
Inside you will discover:

  • What is PCOS, how is it diagnosed and what you can do about it
  • A 7-step diet to get your hormones back in balance and beat PCOS
  • The most effective supplements and herbs to help eliminate your symptoms
  • How to boost your fertility to help you get pregnant
  • Clear information on the drugs and surgery your doctor can offer

Based on 30 years experience in her clinics, this tailor-made programme doesn't just focus on the symptoms but looks at the causes and takes a holistic, natural approach. And although it is proven to be effective on its own, Marilyn also lays out the medical options so you can make an informed decision the most effective treatment for you.

Acknowledgements vii

Introduction 1


Chapter 1: What is PCOS? 9

Chapter 2: Diagnosing PCOS 25

Chapter 3: Your Medical Options 31


Chapter 4: The Seven Step Diet to Beat PCOS 39

Chapter 5: How to Use Supplements and Herbs 125

Chapter 6: Controlling your weight 85

Chapter 7: Exercise 105

Chapter 8: Your Hair and Skin 115

Chapter 9: Stress and PCOS 129

Chapter 10: Environmental Hormone Disruptors 147


Chapter 11: Your Fertility 157

Chapter 12: Pregnancy 183

Chapter 13: Nutritional Tests that are Useful in Treating PCOS 191

Chapter 14: Safeguarding your Future Health 199

Chapter 15: Beyond PCOS 207

Appendix I: Criteria for Diagnosing PCOS 209

Appendix II: Food Nutrient Sources 213

Useful resources 217

Notes 219

Index 241

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