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Siberian Ginseng 100c

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Siberian Ginseng has been widely used by athletes, and in some studies, it was used by people carrying out jobs demanding great concentration, and in difficult conditions, such as radiography and proof-reading. Siberian ginseng has been used by menopausal women, who have been happy with it. Author Leslie Kenton (who recommends Specialist Herbal Supplies) recommends it highly for this purpose. Studies have shown it can assist the natural anti-allergic response of the body. Therefore, some people use it to help avoid developing hay fever.

Recommended Daily Intake:

1 capsule, 3 times a day, taken with food or a drink. If desired, up to twice this amount can safely be taken.

Free From:

Energy, adrenal gland, nervous system, menopause/hormone system

Contraindications and Warnings:

Do not take in high blood pressure or heart disease. Do not take alongside Warfarin or other blood thinning drugs.

1 capsule will provide::

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SIberian Ginseng


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