ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome happens through a cascade of causes and very rarely through just one event alone. Food allergies can put a huge load on your immune system as can a viral load on the body. Viruses that are linked to chronic fatigue syndrome include Coxsacchie B, Epstein Barr and Cytomegalovirus and all these have the ability to embed into various parts of the body and become active if the immune system is depressed in any way. The other aspect of the action of these viruses and the implication to chronic fatigue is that the virus is always active and the immune system is not strong enough to suppress it completely. It is therefore the low grade activity of the virus alongside the continued activity of the immune system that causes the perpetual feeling of fatigue and low grade muscle ache. In cases such as these the immune system needs to be strengthened and re-balanced. Immune-boosting nutrients include zinc, vitamin C, B vitamins and Echinacea.

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