Below you will find all the supplements that are relevant to you at this time for your specific topic of health concern.All the supplements below have been chosen by Dr Marilyn Glenville to ensure you get only the highest quality and most effective dosages that your body requires

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  • Black Cohosh Premium Support

    Black Cohosh Premium Support

    Black Cohosh, used for centuries by Native American Indian wise women, has always been he herb of choice due to its effectiveness. Red Sage and Milk Thistle are excellent herbs for creating harmony and balance......

    2 capsules daily.....

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  • Estro Factors 90T

    Estro Factors 90T

    EstroFactors® provides support for women of all ages from adolescents to women of advancing years. .....

    3 tablets daily, or as directed......

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  • Meno Herbal Support

    Meno Herbal Support

    A special organic food supplement for women during the menopause.ᅠ A number of phytoestrogens are in the supplement including soya, red clover, hops, sage, alfalfa and flaxseeds........

    2 capsules daily with food.....

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  • Meno Support (Multi)

    Meno Support (Multi)

    Meno Plus is a very special multivitamin and mineral containing all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to help you through the menopause and support strong healthy bones. Meno Support contains all the most important vitamins and minerals recommended in Dr Marilyn Glenville's best selling boo.....

    2-3, capsules, daily.....

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  • Natural Solutions to Menopause

    Natural Solutions to Menopause

    How to stay healthy before, during and beyond the menopause Internationally renowned expert on women's health Daily Mail.....


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