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Understanding Health During Pregnancy E-book

Understanding Health During Pregnancy E-book
"Like the menopause, pregnancy is not an illness but a natural event but there can be complications and uncomfortable symptoms that can be distressing and even debilitating for some women. It's also very important that you know how to reach and maintain a state of optimum health in order to prepare for a comfortable pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy baby.
"At more than any other time, you will be considering what you eat when you are pregnant. The responsibility of feeding (indeed, growing!) another human being should never be taken lightly. You need to know what foods are beneficial for your baby's health and development, but you'll also need to know what should be avoided and whether you should be taking supplements.
"Many women experiment with natural approaches to health for the first time when they are pregnant, largely because so many drugs are inappropriate for use during pregnancy, but also because it simply feels right to let nature take its course. During the early weeks and months of pregnancy a baby's cells divide and multiply rapidly and its organs are formed. For the remainder of the pregnancy, everything that will eventually make up your baby is formed. I cannot stress too much the importance of nutrition during pregnancy.
"For many years, we have believed that babies in the womb are insulated from the external environment, and that they are protected from anything that could cause them harm. It makes sense that nature would protect the next generation. However, we now know that this is only true to a point. If there is little food, for example, your baby is more likely to benefit from it than you are. That's one of nature's protective mechanisms. However, it appears that what an expectant eats or doesn't eat can have a profound effect on a baby's health in the womb, after he is born and even when he becomes an adult.

Your diet during pregnancy
"It is important to eat as well as you can from the moment you discover that you are pregnant. However, it is even more beneficial to..."

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Pregnancy 2
Table of Contents 3
Disclaimer 5
Copyright 5
Pregnancy 6
Your diet during pregnancy 6
Foods to avoid during pregnancy 7
Problems you might experience during pregnancy 7
What treatment can you be offered by your doctor? 7
Natural Treatments for Pregnancy Problems 9
Cravings 9
Morning Sickness 9
Blood sugar 10
Vitamin B6 10
Ginger 10
Natural medicine 10
Constipation 10
Heartburn 11
Weight 11
Stretchmarks 12
Pre-eclampsia 12
Premature labour 13
Low birthweight 13
Infections 14
Chlamydia 14
Listeria 14
Salmonella 15
Tips to avoid food poisoning 15
Toxoplasmosis 15
Thrush 16
What to Avoid During Pregnancy 17
Alcohol 17
Foetal Alcohol Syndrome 18
Foetal Alcohol Effects 18
Smoking 19
Mercury 20
Occupational hazards 20
What to do about your job 21
Street drugs 21
Medication 21
The Pregnancy Plan 23
Supplements 23
Folic acid 23
Apgar score 24
B vitamins 24
Vitamin A 24
Magnesium 25
Calcium 25
Iron 25
Not all iron supplements are the same 26
Zinc 26
Herbs 26
Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) 27
Natural therapies during pregnancy 27
Your supplement plan 27
Post-Natal Depression 28
Giving your baby the best chance 29
The Next Step 30
Other E-books in this Series 31
References 32

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