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Vitamin C Support

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Not all vitamin C is equal

Research has shown that good levels of vitamin C can help to reduce the length of time you might suffer from an infection.

And at a time like this when you need to support your immune function vitamin C is crucial.

You can’t manufacture vitamin C in your body, it has to come in from your diet or in supplements.

It is water soluble so you excrete it every few hours through your urine, it is not a vitamin that your body can store like a fat soluble vitamin such as A or E, you have to keep replenishing it.

When you are under stress you need more vitamin C and animals that can manufacture their own vitamin C, in the liver and kidneys, do so when they are stressed, replenishing stores to restore their health.

Because the human body can’t make its own vitamin C, you need to make sure that, during times of anxiety or when wanting to optimise your immunity, you supplement your own stores not only with increased intake of vitamin C rich foods, but also with a good alkaline form of vitamin C supplement.

When choosing the right vitamin C support supplement for you Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD recommends you look for an alkaline form of vitamin C which is magnesium ascorbate.

This alkaline form is gentler on your digestive system than the ascorbic acid form of vitamin C which can act as an irritant.

You should take at least 1,000mg of vitamin C a day. Take 500mg vitamin C twice a day (because this vitamin is water soluble, it is better taken in two amounts, as your body can’t store vitamin C).

NHP’s Vitamin C Support has been expertly formulated by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD the UK’s leading nutritionist in association with NHP to provide a high-quality alkaline form of vitamin C that is gentle and non-acidic and easily assimilated by your body allowing for maximum absorption and effectiveness for your general health and immune support.

Vitamin C Support also includes bilberry to add to the antioxidant properties of the supplement, which can help protect your cells from damage.

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