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Weight Control (Loss / Gain) E-Book

Weight Control (Loss / Gain) E-Book
"Although both men and women can have weight problems, I have included this e-book because it is an issue that affects so many women. Most women I see mention their weight in relation to their overall health, and on the basis of that concern, I have addressed the main issues that affect women.

"Women form the majority of people dieting, joining a slimming club, trying the next 'quick-fix' solution to weight problems and they are the main purchasers of low-calorie and low-fat foods. It's also a fact that four times as many women as men will be diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, which can affect your weight.
"Overweight is the issue that concerns the most women, but there are some women who find it difficult to put on weight. In most cases there are health problems at the root of an inability to put on or keep on weight. It is these problems that need to be addressed. For this reason, I'll focus on the issues of overweight, which can be successfully and permanently treated using natural means.
Women have more fat cells than men
"Excess weight is a bigger problem for women because we are built differently and for a reason. A man has 26 billion fat cells (called adipocytes) in his body, while women have around 35 billion. Fat comprises 27 percent of an average woman's total body weight, while men have only 15 percent fat.
"There are biological reasons for this. Fat is essential for reproduction and therefore fat stores are naturally laid down on women's bodies, in the event that there may be a pregnancy on the horizon. Fat is necessary for ovulation, and itメs a well-known fact that girls do not begin to menstruate until their bodies are composed of at least 17 percent fat. If women become too thin (in other words, lose too much body fat), her periods can stop and she will be unable to conceive.
"So in a sense we already start at a disadvantage on the weight front. But remember, it's part of nature's survival mechanism for the human race.

Your ideal weight
"How do you know what your ideal weight should be? According to the height and weight tables formulated for insurance companies, you'd think that everyone of the same height should weigh the same. Obviously this isn't the case!
"All of us are built differently, and our body shapes can make a big difference to the amount of weight we can carry healthily. Furthermore, fit women will always look slimmer and weigh more, largely because..."

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Weight Control (Loss / Gain) E-book 1
Weight Control (Loss / Gain) 2
Table of Contents 3
Disclaimer 5
Copyright 5
Weight Control 6
Overweight 6
Women have more fat cells than men 6
Your ideal weight 6
Body Mass Index 7
What does your BMI mean? 7
The Causes of Weight Gain 8
Dieting 8
Too much food and not enough exercise 8
The type of food you eat 9
Underactive thyroid 9
Thyroid problems 9
What your doctor might suggest 10
Natural Solutions 12
Key foods to consider 12
Supplements 13
Selenium 13
Herbs 14
Nutritional Deficiencies 15
Prescription Drugs 16
Food Allergies 17
Artificial Sweeteners 18
Yeast Overgrowth 19
What treatment could be offered by your doctor? 20
Drugs 21
Amphetamine-based drugs 21
Orlistat 21
The Surgical Approach 22
Jaw wiring 22
Stomach stapling 22
Liposuction 22
Stomach by-pass 22
Natural Treatments 23
Dietary changes 23
When you eat matters 23
Glycaemic Index 24
Exercise 24
Which exercise? 24
Pamela 25
Supplements 26
B vitamins 26
Chromium 26
Zinc 26
Manganese 27
Magnesium 27
Co-enzyme Q10 27
Garcinia cambogia 27
Herbs 28
Herbs for water retention 28
Herbs for liver function 28
The Treatment Plan 29
Your Supplement Plan 30
In Summary 31
Underweight 32
What can cause you to be underweight? 32
Overactive thyroid problem 32
Testing for an overactive thyroid 32
What treatments can you be offered by your doctor? 32
Digestive problems 33
What natural treatment can be effective? 34
Eating Disorders 35
The Next Step 37
Other E-books in this Series 38
References 39

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