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Which Tests Should I Take?

General Health

The Health Detective. Online test

Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies

Problems such as lack of energy, insomnia, headaches, depression, mood swings, anxiety, easy bruising, bleeding gums, slow wound healing etc. can be traced directly to deficiencies in specific vitamins and minerals. This test, which can be completed online, is designed to detect any such deficiencies you may have and generates a detailed report recommending a three month supplement programme of the specific vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids you may need to take, and in what quantities, in order to address these deficiencies and help bring your body back into balance and optimum health. The report also includes nutritional guidelines to help you know what foods you should avoid and what foods are beneficial in order for you to achieve and maintain maximum health.

Mineral Deficiency Test by Post

"Find out what the mineral and heavy toxic metal levels are in your body"

By analysing your hair it is now possible for you to find out what deficiencies and excesses of minerals and heavy toxic metals are present in your body and have a personalised supplement programme designed specifically to help rectify these imbalances.

Because your hair cells are some of the fastest-growing cells in the body, they can 'lock' in information about your exposure to certain nutrients as they grow. In this way your hair forms a permanent record showing what deficiencies and excesses have been building up in your body over time.

By laboratory testing and analysing a small sample of your hair it is possible to assess the levels of the minerals, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, manganese and chromium present in your body. The analysis also provides valuable information on the levels of the heavy toxic metals present includingmercury, aluminium, lead, cadmium and arsenic. A qualified practitioner will analyse the results of the Mineral Analysis with the Mineral Deficiency and assess the levels of vitamins and minerals you need to take to correct any deficiencies that are found. This supplement programme will also help cleanse any heavy toxic metals discovered.

The results of the mineral tests are given to you in the form of a graph so you can see how far your levels differ from the norm. The supplement programme should be followed for a minimum of three months and then be re-tested in order to adjust your supplement programme according to the improvements found. This test gives an in-depth understanding of your present condition, with a supplement programme designed to bring you back into good health.

Important Notes

  • Please be aware that you must be able to provide 4 cm (1.5 inches) of hair, the equivalent of a heaped tablespoon, taken from the nape of the neck, as close to the scalp as possible
  • Your hair must be untreated, that is to say that you have not had your hair dyed, or chemically treated in the last 8 weeks
  • It is advisable to stop using anti-dandruff shampoos (i.e. Head & Shoulders) and Pantene 8 weeks before performing the test because it may give an artificially high zinc and magnesium reading
  • Exposure to chlorine from regular swimming may give an artificially high copper reading

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