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Which Tests Should I Take?

Previous Miscarriage

If you have experienced a miscarriage then both you and your partner should take the:

Fertility Mineral Analysis Test with Supplement and Nutritional Assessment Programme

Have you ever gone into a health food shop and looked at the array of supplements on the shelf and wondered what you should be taking? Well, it is now possible for you to find out what deficiencies of minerals and excesses of heavy toxic metals are present in your body by having a personalised supplement programme designed specifically for your needs. By laboratory testing and analysing a small sample of your hair it is possible to assess the levels of the minerals calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, copper and chromium present in your body. The analysis also provides valuable information on the levels of heavy toxic metal present including mercury, aluminium, lead, cadmium and arsenic. When you know the levels of these minerals then you will know what you really need to be taking that will benefit you the most. The analysis of this test also lets you know what you should be eating in order to help you function at your peak levels of energy and health.

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and ideally you should also take the:

Female Hormone Profile

This is a very simple test which is done at home and sent to the lab for analysis. A total of 11 saliva samples are collected over one cycle at specific times. The levels of the hormones oestrogen and progesterone are mapped for that month to provide a pattern which can reveal: Early ovulation, Anovulation (no ovulation), problems with the phasing of the cycles such as a short luteal phase (second half of the cycle), problems with maintaining progesterone levels. This test can still be done even if you have irregular cycles.

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(If you are not in a position to do both tests at this time, then at least do the Mineral Analysis Test).

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