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NEW Natural Alternatives To Dieting

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Natural Alternatives to Dieting

Before you dismiss this as ‘just another diet book’, let me tell you why it isn’t. For a start, it’s gimmick free – which is almost a gimmick in itself! You won’t have to find out your blood group or your star sign. You won’t have to starve yourself for 2 days every week, count calories, cut out complete food groups, or drink cabbage soup every day – or ever, unless you really want to. In fact, it’s not actually a diet book at all because, as you probably know if you’ve read this far, Diets. Don’t. Work and what you don’t need is yet another diet book.

Have you found that when you stop dieting and return to a normal eating pattern, the weight slowly goes back on, no matter how controlled you are? Before long you become demoralised, which distorts your attitude to food. Food becomes the 'enemy'. Being constantly on 'battle alert' is hard and makes it easy for you to ‘fail’ – which is exactly what the £2 billion per annum diet industry wants. Many a fat cat has got fatter by preying on the weaknesses of slimmers.

This book will give you is a new attitude towards food. It takes you to a new and enjoyable way of living so that you can eat comfortably in restaurants, and with family and friends, so no matter where you are or who you’re with you can have a normal social life. At the same time you will lose weight and this time you will keep it off. This book will introduce you to a more natural way of eating that is satisfying and nourishing while your weight reduces naturally over time and then stabilises.

Inside this book you will find:

  • Exploding the diet myths
  • Paleo, Keto, intermittent diets – do they work?
  • Think of a number diet – 5:2, 18:8, 12:12 – are you confused?
  • Vegan vs Vegetarian – which works best? The answer may surprise you
  • Do calories count?
  • Mood, food and cravings
  • Supplements to help with weight loss
  • Exercises that work
  • Tests to help with weight loss
  • Meal plans and recipes


Chapter 1 Why diets don’t work
Chapter 2 Mood, food and cravings 
Chapter 3 A way of life – not a diet
Chapter 4 Shop and cook wisely 
Chapter 5 Still can’t lose weight?
Chapter 6 Get moving - why exercise matters
Chapter 7 Supplements to help with weight loss
Chapter 8 Tests to help shift those inches
Chapter 9 Putting the plan into action

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