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Which Tests Should I Take?

Food Intolerances

Food Intolerance Test

You may suspect you are allergic to certain foods that you are eating so if your symptoms are mainly centred around:

acne hair loss rashes
apathy hay fever red/sticky eyelids
arthritis headaches/migraines sinus problems
bags/dark circles under the eyes hives sluggishness
binge/eating irregular or skipped heartbeat sneezing attacks
craving certain foods itchy ears stuffy/runny nose
drainage from ear lethargy swollen ears
dry skin overweight tiredness
earaches pain/aches in joints watery/itchy eyes
ear infections pain/aches in muscles water retention
excessive mucus formation rapid, pounding heartbeat  

then you should take the Food Intolerance Test. (This test is only available by post in the UK.)
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