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Advanced Marine Collagen Support

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Smooth, glowing skin. Thick, luxurious hair. Pain free joints.

Most of the qualities people want to “look young” are found in one single protein: collagen.

The problem is that most collagen supplements are ONLY collagen. But your body isn’t a simple factory. You can’t just eat collagen and expect to instantly make collagen.

The collagen network is a complex system. To truly enhance your body’s collagen production and restore youthful skin and pain-free joints, you must address the entire biochemical system.

Advanced Marine Collagen Support is much more than “just” collagen. It is a synergistic approach that addresses every level of your body’s collagen production system.

It is your secret weapon against the effects of ageing that will help you look and feel young for years to come.

Advanced Marine Collagen Support contains:

Sustainably Sourced Marine Collagen
Marine collagen is both easier to absorb and better for the environment. Most collagen on the market comes from factory farm cows. There are serious sustainability issues with this. That’s why all of our collagen comes from sustainable, marine sources that were already harvested from 100% wild caught fish.

Marine collagen contains two types of collagen, I and III, which are known to help increase elasticity of the skin. These two types of collagen also promote healthy hair and nail growth as well as minimising fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid
A special natural biological lubricant found especially in joint fluid. If you have creaking knees or stiff fingers, this helps restore your youthful mobility. It also helps your skin retain moisture, reducing wrinkles.

Think of rutin as “bio-elastic.” It is a little-known but critical compound that links collagen fibres, helping your skin stay taut and wrinkle free.

In many ways, biotin is “the beauty vitamin.” It is an essential part of your body’s natural processes for growing thick hair, strong, clear nails, and youthful skin.

MSM helps your body produce collagen. While marine collagen gives you the raw materials, MSM supports your body to actually use the supplement to produce new collagen fibres.

A unique silica-containing herb that gives you shiny hair and thick healthy nails. This is the “extra polish” that makes helps you glow from the inside out.

This incredible formula is far more advanced and effective than simplistic high doses of collagen. It is your secret formula for looking and feeling young.

And that’s why for this month, you can save 20% on Advanced Marine Collagen Support, so you can enjoy all the skin, joint and hair benefits!

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