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Your NHP Supplement Programme Includes

Your NHP Enhanced Supplement Programme Includes

  • Supplement Programme
  • Plan of Action
  • Customer Review
By following Dr Glenville’s recommendations you know that the supplements below will be the most helpful for you at this time and are of the highest possible quality ensuring you gain maximum benefit. All the supplements recommended here have Dr Glenville’s exclusive Seal of Approval

NHP Supplement Plan

Your NHP Supplement Programme Specific supplements that contain all the vitamins minerals and herbs and in the right intakes that you need to take.
Vitamins/HerbsDAILY INTAKE

1 capsule,2 times a day

NHP Enhanced Supplement Plan Even better with:

Your NHP Enhanced Supplement Programme works even better with... the additon of the extra supplements listed below

Vitamins/HerbsDAILY INTAKE

1 capsule, 2 times a day

1 capsule, 2 times a day

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Outlined below is the Plan of Action recommended by Dr Glenville as being the most appropriate and effective for you at this time.

This plan of action includes advice on your diet and a carefully selected supplement programme. For best results you should follow this plan over the next three months.

Plan of Action


To ensure you are getting the right nutrition, follow the dietary recommendations outlined in The Nutrition for Women's Health report included when you download The 3 free health reports in the top right of this website.

Fertility (for women) NHP Supplement Programme

Vitamins / Minerals / HerbsBenefits
Multivitamin and mineral designed specifically for fertility (woman and man) A multi designed for fertility will give you good combinations of the important nutrients
Folic acid 400µg Folic acid is not only important for women before pregnancy to help prevent spina bifida but together with zinc has been shown to improve sperm counts for men
Zinc 30mg elemental The most important nutrient for fertility for both the man and woman as it helps to control hormones and can improve both egg and sperm quality
Vitamin E 161mg A powerful antioxidant vitamin E can boost fertility for men and women
Vitamin D 10mcg (400ius) Helps with maintaining a pregnancy and improving sperm motility and number of normal sperm
Co-enzyme Q10 20-60mg An important antioxidant for both egg and sperm quality
Selenium 100µg elemental Selenium is an antioxidant and can help improve egg quality so increases the chances of conception and also good levels of selenium are also essential to maximise sperm formation.
Arginine 300mg Specifically for men, arginine is crucial as the head of the sperm contains an exceptional amount of this nutrient, which is essential for sperm production. Supplementing with L-arginine can help to increase both the sperm count and quality
Carnitine 100mg Specifically for men, carnitine is essential for normal functioning of sperm cells. Research has shown that the higher the levels of carnitine in the sperm cells, the better the sperm count and motility
Taurine 100mg Specifically for men, taurine is helpful for increasing sperm count.

Fertility (for women) NHP Enhanced Supplement Programme

Vitamins / Minerals / HerbsBenefits
Omega 3 fish oils (770mg EPA and 510 DHA) Omega 3 essential fats are crucial for healthy hormone functioning. For men essential fatty acid supplementation is crucial because the semen is rich in prostaglandins which are produced from these fats. Men with poor sperm quality, abnormal sperm, poor motility or low count, have inadequate of these beneficial prostaglandins.
Vitamin C with bioflavonoids 1000mg A powerful antioxidant - can help improve the quality of both the eggs and sperm
At the end of three months you should reassess your condition and adjust your supplement programme accordingly.
It is very important when you are choosing supplements, for you to choose only the highest quality supplements you can find. This is because many of the poorer quality brands often have large quantities of fillers and other non-essential ingredients - which in some cases could actually be harmful to you - and the vitamins and minerals they contain may be in very low, ineffective intakes. You may also find that the higher doses you require are not generally available to the public.
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Quality Assured

This product has been awarded Dr Glenville's Exclusive Seal of Approval.

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