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Save 20% on our Balancing Your Hormones

Programme Special offer: £76.22 (Programme price: £95.28) Saving £19.06

Don’t let hormones drive you mad – there is no need to settle for period pain and other symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Our Balancing Your Hormones programme has been put together by women’s health specialist Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD to provide expert support to help your body find balance.

The programme consists of the following supplements:

Healthy Woman Support – a good quality multivitamin and mineral

Omega 3 Support – a high strength omega 3 fish oil which are your essential fats

Vitamin C Support – vitamin C in the alkaline form, magnesium ascorbate, not ascorbic acid

Agnus Castus Premium Support – including agnus castus, skullcap, magnesium, vitamin B6, milk thistle and lemon balm

This carefully selected combination of supplements can support your hormones by providing bioavailable nutrients and botanicals for balanced health.

This month you can buy the programme for £76.22 saving 20%.

Offer ends 28th April

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