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Long for Glossy Locks, Smooth Skin and Killer Fingernails?

20% off Hair, Skin & Nail Support

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A few lucky people appear blessed with flawless skin and great hair and nails but most of us need a little help. Because these areas of our body are exposed to the elements – pollution, chemicals, hard water, soap, sun and so on – they need extra protection – from the inside out.

Our Hair, Skin & Nails Support has been formulated in associated with leading nutritionist specialising in women’s healthcare, Dr. Marilyn Glenville PhD.

Hair, Skin & Nails Support provides antioxidants (like rutin, vitamins C, vitamin E, grapeseed extract, selenium and zinc) which can all help to slow down the ageing process; nutrients that help with the manufacture and strengthening of collagen (such as MSM, lysine, and vitamin C); other nutrients like biotin for maintaining healthy hair and skin; horsetail which provides a natural source of silica for strengthening hair and nails; and inositol and choline for promoting hair growth and vitamin B12 for healthy cell growth.

This combination is specifically formulated for health, radiance and beauty and is a special combination of carefully chosen nutrients.

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This product has been awarded Dr Glenville's Exclusive Seal of Approval.

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