60 min Glenville Nutrition Consultation - Special Offer

60 min Glenville Nutrition Consultation - Special Offer

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60 mins In-Depth General Health Consultation

Having a whole hour dedicated to your personal health concerns is particularly helpful if you have any complex health issues.

In your 60 minute consultation we take an in-depth assessment of your general health, stress, lifestyle, medical history, digestion, immune, environment etc. and have the time to discuss what your general and specific health concerns are and what you need to do now to get back to good health.

You will also come away with a detailed plan of action to help you stay focused and implement the advice you have been given.

The price for a full 60-minute consultation is just £197

Special price for webinar attendees - Save £50 - Now Just £147

Once you’ve booked your consultation one of my team will call you next week to book your appointment on a date that’s convenient for you. 

The prices above are for a consultation with one of my highly qualified nutritionists who have been with me for many years and are all personally trained by me.

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